The pursuit of quality has always been our winery’s primary objective, and this endeavour is very much facilitated by the fact that the soil here is perfect for the cultivation of vines.

We are located on the plain, close to the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic coast, and just a short distance from the Dolomites. The wines produced in this microclimate are polished and well-balanced, with intense bouquets. Our vineyards extend across a swathe of land created over the centuries by the Grassaga and Bidoggia rivers. Here, the specific properties of the clayey soil, so rich in mineral salts, favour the cultivation of the vine and the subsequent production of wines with assertive bouquets.

Our winery is located on the so-called “Strada Vini del Piave” (the Piave Wine Road). We are situated inside the DOC Piave, DOC Venezia and DOC Prosecco appellation zones. The fact that our winery forms part of 3 DOC zones simultaneously demonstrates just how ideal the local soil is for the cultivation of high-quality wines!

The DOC Piave zone is one of the oldest and most important, since vines have been cultivated here for at least 3 millennia, as confirmed by the numerous prehistoric remains discovered in the local area. The zone extends across the flatlands from the north-eastern edge of the province of Treviso, bordering the Friuli region, all the way to the mouth of the River Piave; and from the hillsides of Conegliano and the Montello to the first hinterland of the city of Venice.

We find ourselves in an extraordinary location that is blessed with a wealth of different soil types and microclimates. Lapped lengthwise by the River Piave, the entire area is covered with soils that bear witness to the power with which the material that had accumulated on the hillsides and mountainsides has been dragged downstream by the Piave.

The DOC Venezia and DOC Prosecco zones were established more recently and partially overlap with the DOC Piave areas. These new Denominations of Origin (Denominazioni di Origine), too, are geared towards safeguarding and making the most of the ancient local cultures, the rural way of life – with its robust value system – and the specific features of this part of the world.

But there’s more to this area than just excellent soil and great wine – culture and history are certainly not lacking.

The farmhouse that plays host to our winery is, in actual fact, a former monastery dating from the 15th century. Unfortunately, very little remains of the original structure – the frescoes having been lost at the beginning of the last century.

In our local municipality, San Dona’ di Piave, there is a Museum of Land Reclamation, where you can see many of the farming tools that characterised rural life here over the centuries.

Moreover, Venice – with its fascinating history and breathtaking beauty – is within easy striking distance. Venice is a truly exceptional, unforgettable city that is sure to steal your heart. A ride in a gondola or a stroll through the streets and alleys in search of typical Venetian boutiques – whatever you choose to do in Venice, it is sure to be a unique experience!

The entire area surrounding the winery is redolent of the presence of the ancient Romans. From Noventa di Piave to Oderzo and Treviso, new discoveries of Roman remains are continually being made. For example, even the access road leading to our winery has Roman origins.