Those who work the Earth, love the Earth!

From the outset, we have endeavoured to work the earth as effectively as possible, loving it and respecting it to the greatest possible extent.

We want to offer our beloved customers products of the highest quality, starting from excellent ingredients and from a superior production system that is not only safe but also generates the lowest possible level of environmental impact.

In 2018, we certified what we had already been doing for quite some time – because our word is not, in itself, enough; what is also necessary is the guarantee provided by an external body, which certifies that our cultural operations, agronomic techniques and manuring processes consistently reach the highest standards, with no damage being done to flora or fauna.

Deploying integrated pest-management processes means respecting the natural cycles, waiting, giving nature time and intervening appropriately and only as and when necessary. Crucially, the production processes are subject to inflexible regulations – far more restrictive than those set out by the current legislation – which require the elimination of aggressive active ingredients.

The distinctive ministerial mark of the prestigious SQNPI certification given to our vineyards guarantees that the agronomic techniques used in the winery are respectful of the environment and of human health. We pro-actively decided to become certified with a view to demonstrating our commitment to our beloved world and we hope that we can contribute to enhancing and preserving it.

Working the land is far from easy. Alongside the sort of everyday tasks that everyone has to attend to, on the estate we also feel a great sense of duty. We feel responsible for what we do and, above all, for how we do it.

On this long journey, over the course of more than 70 years in business, many things have changed. Without doubt, what has not changed is our passion and love for the work we do. Our commitment towards self-improvement is unwavering, and our focus is on finding the right balance between our dreams, aspirations and objectives, on the one side, and the reality that we experience every day in the vineyards, on the other. We are prepared to give up on certain creature comforts and to work, instead, in ways that show care and respect towards Mother Nature.

There is only one Earth, and it belongs to everyone!

We are working to reduce our CO2 emissions.

CO2 emissions affect us all, personally.

These days, we are aware that we all have to do our part to reduce emissions.

There is a commitment that we put in place every year, to love our planet more and more every day. For our bottles, we choose the most sustainable closure of all: cork.

Every year, we thus avoid emitting more than 9 tonnes of CO2.

Amorim Cork Italia, a leading name in the manufacture of corks, has painstakingly measured the extent to which our choices have contributed to the safeguarding of our environment.

So, thanks to all of our customers! Every time that you open a bottle of wine with a cork stopper, you’re doing a good thing.