Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 Veneto I.G.T. Frizzante

Straw-yellow in colour. The aroma is exceptionally refined, intensely fruity and persistent with notes of apricot, peach, almond and tropical fruit, together with floral overtones evoking wild meadows. The bouquet is very discreet and classy, combining a wealth of satisfying aromas. The palate is dry, well- balanced and full-bodied, bringing together the refinement of Pinot Bianco and the aromatic notes of Riesling Renano.

Grape type
100% Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13. This grape type is produced by crossing the Riesling Renano and Pinot Bianco varieties.

12% vol.

Serving Temperature

Training system

Harvesting period
The first ten days of September, when the grapes are perfectly ripe and healthy.

Winemaking Process
Soft pressing of the just-harvested grapes. The must, having had the skins and any impurities removed, ferments with the assistance of selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 13 degrees. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine is racked and filtered before being left to age for around 3 months in stainless-steel tanks.

Excellent outwith mealtimes, it is also a great accompaniment to fish dishes, creamed soups, and flans and soufflés made from vegetables or fish.

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