Bag in Box: quality and practicality are the watchwords!
The “bag in box” is a state-of-the-art system for the preserving of wine. 
The system uses a bag fitted with a practical tap for the dispensing of the wine contained inside. The bag, in turn, is enclosed within a box that facilitates transport and storage.

For us, bottling wine is a delightful and exciting process. Endeavouring to preserve our wines in our family-run winery and then witnessing their natural development is always a fascinating experience. However, not everyone has the tools or the time to do so, let alone the space for long-term ageing and storage.

The “bag in box” solution has given rise to the development of a wine intended for day-to-day consumption. It constitutes something of a middle road between bulk wine and bottled wine.

We can assure you that the wines selected for this packaging format are of the highest quality.

Once you open a bottle, it is recommended that you consume it within a few days to ensure that it doesn’t lose its flavours and aromas. In contrast, with the “bag in box”, the wine can be conserved for a long time without being compromised. In other words, the wine remains perfect from the first drop to the last. Air does not come into contact with the product, and thanks to the practical dispensing tap you use only what you need.

It can easily be stored in the fridge to keep the wine fresh and cool during the summer.

A comfortable and functional solution? Our Bag in Box!

Available format: 5 litres.
40 x 12,5 cl